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In 1982, two doctors, outraged by the the situation of landmine victims in Cambodian refugee camps in Thailand and the lack of appropriate responses from other humanitarian organisations, founded Handicap International, which has since become Humanity & Inclusion (HI). ​​​​​​​

This was the beginning of 40 years of tireless work in support of people with disabilities and vulnerable populations.

40 years amidst the worst conflicts, natural disasters and injustices.

By listening to and working with the communities concerned, HI has been able to provide immediate, effective and practical support to help people with disabilities and vulnerable populations become more resilient, enjoy better health and live in peace.

While our campaigns against violence and weapons of war and our advocacy for peace have forged our identity, HI has also developed 13 other areas of action, including inclusive education, physical rehabilitation, mental health and economic inclusion, with a view to providing a global response to needs and fostering equal opportunities.

In 2022, HI is working in 60 countries.

Our 5,000 employees worldwide are reaching out on behalf of concerned local citizens who want to help support people with disabilities and vulnerable populations.


HI has also spent 40 years seeking to promote peace by ensuring that the voices of civilian victims of conflicts are heard by international institutions.


25 years ago, after the Ottawa Treaty banning anti-personnel mines had been signed in Canada by 190 countries, HI, along with the other co-founders of the International Campaign to Ban Landmines, was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for its relentless five-year campaign against this cowards' weapon.


Celebrate peace and join our movement of solidarity with those most in need!


 Humanity & Inclusion needs your donations to continue its work.


Support Humanity & Inclusion Canada to show people with disabilities and vulnerable populations that they are not alone.

Become part of a movement that aspires to build a fairer and more inclusive world for all





Donations by cheque


Payable to “Humanity & Inclusion Canada”

Address: 50, Sainte-Catherine Ouest, Suite 500b

Montreal (QC) H2X 3V4


A tax receipt will be issued for all donations of $20 or more.


For information  regarding donations, contact us at 514 908-2813 or at this email address: [email protected]


Thanks to your generosity, we are creating a different future for our beneficiaries!


We assist those who are excluded, impeded and forgotten.

HI never leaves a community without the prospect of a prosperous and inclusive future.


For four decades, HI has been working in 86 countries:

40 years of action in Laos

30 years of action in Lebanon

14 years of action in Haïti

8 years of action in Yemen


© HI

In Lebanon, Marwa, 16 years old, is doing rehabilitation sessions at the Mousawar center, our partner in the field. She lives in a Syrian refugee camp near Beirut with her 15-year-old sister Sidra, who also has a disability.

"I hope that when we are adults, we will be able to find a job and be able to help our family."


For 40 years, Humanity & Inclusion has been:

PROMOTING inclusion for all in society

DEFENDING the fundamental rights of people with disabilities

SUPPORTING the provision of prosthetic devices and physical rehabilitation care to people who have lost limbs

IMPROVING health to prevent disability

IMPLEMENTING humanitarian action in response to conflicts or natural disasters

CAMPAIGNING against the indiscriminate use of weapons of war

40 years of Humanity & Inclusion in a few figures:

23 million people supported* (for the last 10 years)

400,000 prosthetic devices fitted

1 million children and adults concerned by inclusive education

80 million square metres of land cleared of landmines

650,000 emergency kits distributed

86 countries of operation

2 international awards:  

Colaureate of the 1997 Nobel Peace Prize

Winner of the Conrad N. Hilton Humanitarian Prize





Thanks to your donations, in 2021 we were able to help:





1 282 450 people





 952 244 people





371 915 people​​​​​​​



 1 146 717  people​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


They support us in Canada


"It is important for me to support people with disabilities, especially those affected by landmines and bombs. With Humanity & Inclusion Canada, I can take concrete action to help them and their families recover."

Jeanne Boisclair

Donor involved through a major commitment since 2008

Montreal, Quebec


"For me, it is important to support Humanity & Inclusion Canada through a monthly donation in order to have a lasting impact on the health and education of the most underprivileged children, especially those with disabilities. In this way, I can support the children during their physical rehabilitation, their entry into school and I can see them grow up. From Quebec, I can act for them."

Magali Thomas

Monthly donor since 2012

Montreal, Quebec


Governance and Ethical Principles


Humanity & Inclusion can do nothing without the generosity of its donors in Canada.

Humanity & Inclusion Canada is part of the Humanity & Inclusion Federation and acts as a catalyst for the generosity of Canadian citizens and we raise community awareness of the plight of people living with disabilities and vulnerable populations across the world.

All Humanity & Inclusion's actions are governed by the highest standards of rigour, excellence and ethics. Find out more about our values.

Humanity & Inclusion Canada has a Board of Directors composed of members from the business, legal and fundraising communities in Quebec and Canada. Meet them!


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