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Digital accessibility is to provide access to information for all. The site complies with Level A of WCAG 2.0 and the following principles:

  • Noticeable: "Provide text alternatives for non-textual documents'
  • Usable "Keyboard Accessible: Make all functionality available from a keyboard"
  • Understandable: "Predictable: make pages appear and operate in predictable ways"
  • Robust: "Compatible: maximize compatibility with current and future user agents, including assistive technologies"

As such, the focus was on navigation and on the separation of form and content:


Quick access

The site includes avoidance links appearing at the keyboard selection at the top of each page for direct access to:

  • Contents
  • Search

Keyboard navigation

Tab provides access successively to each link of the site.

Text Size

The size of all text is based on the use of relative units, allowing the change in most browsers. This can be achieved by using the following commands: key "CTRL" and "mouse wheel" or keys "CTRL" and "+" (increase text size) or "-" (decrease text size ) Or browser menus: View> text Size


The main menu at the top of the page, is permanently displayed on all pages of the site and allows access to all pages of the site. The logo at the top left of the site allows to return to the home page.

Separation of form and content

The use of style sheets ensures the separation of the layout of the site and its content. This maintains a consistent reading order in the structure of each page for effective navigation whether using CSS is disabled.