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Humanity & Inclusion is an international solidarity NGO since 1982

For 40 years, Humanity & Inclusion (HI) has been has been responding to humanitarian emergencies, helping to reduce armed violence and fighting to improve the living conditions of disabled and vulnerable people in the most remote or dangerous places in the world. We are working tirelessly to ensure that they are never left behind.


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In Kharkiv, Ukraine, the situation is very concerning

In Kharkiv, Ukraine, the situation is very concerning May, 28 2024

Since 10th May 2024, Russia has been conducting a new offensive in the region. As the security situation deteriorates, humanitarian needs continue to increase.


"Thanks to HI's awareness raising activities friends and colleagues no longer belittle us" July, 10 2024

Damigou is a young woman with vision loss. Thanks to the inclusive education and vocational training project in Togo, she was able to attend school and now works as an accountant in a pharmacy.


Promote the health of indigenous communities in Venezuela June, 28 2024

Some communities in the state of Amazonas have experienced disruptions to their lifestyle, with negative effects on their health. Humanity & Inclusion is working alongside them to improve their access to healthcare.


Ukraine : NGOs urge to protect civilians from bombing and shelling in populated areas July, 5 2024

Since the beginning of the year at least 860 civilians have been killed and 2 580 wounded in Ukraine in at least over 950 incidents involving the use of explosive weapons with wide area effect in populated areas.


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Protecting civilian victims of explosive weapons must be a priority for our government!