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Since its creation in 1982, HI has implemented development programs in nearly 60 countries and is involved in many emergency situations. In January 2018, the global network Handicap International becomes Humanity & Inclusion. It includes national associations called "Handicap International" in continental European countries (in France (1982), Belgium (1986), Switzerland (1996), Luxembourg (1997) and Germany (1998)) and "Humanité & Inclusion "in the United Kingdom (1999), Canada (2003) and the USA (2006). The Canadian association was founded in 2003 and became a registered charity in 2006. Its mandate is to support the work of the international network through:

  • fundraising;
  • communication and dissemination;
  • ongoing political action and network advocacy;
  • awareness-building among members and supporters;
  • intervention on behalf of people with disabilities to affirm their dignity and rights.