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Increase of use of landmines driven by Russia, Myanmar and non-state armed groups November, 22 2022

The Landmine Monitor 2022 reports a high number of casualties caused by landmines - including improvised mines and explosive remnants of war - for the seventh year in a row. The Monitor recorded 5,544 casualties in 2021. 75% of them were civilians. This high figure is mainly the result of increased armed conflicts and contamination with improvised mines since 2015. The use of landmines by the Russian and Myanmar armies, as well as by non-state armed groups in five countries, are the main factors of a sharp global increase of the use of these weapons in 2022.

States will gather in Geneva from November 21th to 25th for the 20th annual Mine Ban Treaty conference. As we celebrate the 25 years of the Ottawa Treaty, HI urges States to pressure parties to conflict to end the use of these barbaric weapons and to support the funding of victims assistance that is shrinking despite growing needs and high casualty rates in recent years.

Read the full report.

  • International

80 States have made history by endorsing the international agreement against bombing on towns and cities November, 18 2022

Acknowledging the devastating humanitarian consequences of bombing and shelling of towns and cities, 80 States adopted an international agreement to better protect civilians from the use of explosive weapons in populated areas, at the Dublin Conference on November 18, 2022.

  • International

The day I stepped on a mine, my fate was sealed November, 18 2022

Marta Quintero has been part of HI’s demining operations in Colombia for seven years. She is working for the future of her country with an unerring determination born out of personal experience.
  • Colombia

Inclusive education today for inclusive futures tomorrow! November, 17 2022

12-year-old Patrick is benefitting from digital schooling in the Kakuma refugee camp. Thanks to accessible and adapted materials, he is prepared to achieve all his professional goals.
  • Kenya

In Togo, HI helps twins, Yentougle and Yenhame, to continue their education November, 14 2022

Yentougle and Yenhame are 13 year-old twins. They both have vision impairments. Through HI's inclusive education project, they are receiving personalised support to help them continue their schooling.

  • Togo

“The floods destroyed all of our belongings” November, 14 2022

HI provides 2000 emergency supply kits to the most vulnerable families affected by flooding in Pakistan.

  • Pakistan

Children with disabilities still excluded from school November, 10 2022

In the run-up to World Children’s Day 2022 on 20 November, HI is calling attention to the high number of children still excluded from school because of their disability.

  • International

To assist the victims November, 4 2022

Assisting landmine victims is one of the principal obligations of the Ottawa Treaty6. It is also HI’s raison d’être

  • International

The line between periods of peace and violence is increasingly blurred November, 4 2022

Perrine Benoist is Armed Violence Reduction Director at HI. She explains the progress of clearance, 25 years after the signature of the Ottawa Treaty against landmine.

  • International

Demining in Chaparral raises new hopes October, 24 2022

Since October 2021, HI has been conducting humanitarian demining operations in El Cañón de Las Hermosas in Colombia, allowing communities to regain the use of their land.

  • Colombia

Abdel, victim of a landmine: “Thanks to my prosthesis, my life has changed!” October, 19 2022

Abdel was 16 years old when he lost his leg in a landmine explosion. HI has helped him rebuild his life.

  • Yemen

Aid agencies call for upholding international humanitarian law, protection of civilians and civilian objects in Ukraine October, 14 2022

Heavily populated areas in Ukraine—including in Dnipro, Kyiv, Lviv and Ternopil—came under attack on Monday from explosive weapons with wide-area effects, killing at least 11 civilians and injuring another 89.

  • Ukraine

“Weapons more advanced, mutilating and destructive than I’ve ever witnessed” September, 26 2022

Gaëlle Smith, HI’s emergency rehabilitation specialist, went to Ukraine to support the local teams in the country. She tells us about her experience.

  • Ukraine

Roger: "The Ottawa Treaty is crucial for our demining operations in Lebanon" September, 26 2022

Roger Eid is responsible for HI's demining operations in Lebanon. He explains the importance of demining and how these vital operations are carried out.

  • Lebanon