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Uganda: « At last my daughter can go to school » July, 12 2024

Gina, 4 years old, lives in Uganda. She has knock-knees, which makes her daily life difficult and painful. HI has fitted her with 3D-printed knee-ankle-foot orthoses to correct the alignment.

  • Uganda

Mardoché, a model of resilience July, 10 2024

Mardoché’s leg was torn off by a bullet when he was just a baby. Today, thanks to Humanity & Inclusion, he feels confident and he is looking forward to the future.

  • Central African Republic

"Thanks to HI's awareness raising activities friends and colleagues no longer belittle us" July, 10 2024

Damigou is a young woman with vision loss. Thanks to the inclusive education and vocational training project in Togo, she was able to attend school and now works as an accountant in a pharmacy.

  • Togo

In the midst of the fighting in North Kivu, Diela is learning to walk July, 10 2024

Maria and her daughter Diela arrived at the Bulengo camp for displaced people in February. The 2-year-old had developmental delays but thanks to specialised support, she is now beginning to catch up.

  • Democratic Republic of Congo

In Kenya, Kakuma's entrepreneurs with disabilities are breaking new ground July, 10 2024

For people with disabilities, the context is not always conducive to starting up a business. HI is working alongside them to make the business environment more inclusive.

  • Kenya

Supported by HI and APHMOTO, Gawalé went to school and became a garment maker July, 10 2024

Gawalé, 24, is blind. Thanks to the support she received, she was able to go to school. She talks to us about her experience and why we need to make the school system inclusive.

  • Togo

Faïmoguibé has become a garment maker thanks to HI’s Inclusion project July, 10 2024

Faïmoguibé, 22, is deaf and non-verbal. Thanks to her enrolment in school and HI Togo's inclusive education and vocational training project, she is now a garment maker.

  • Togo

Despite the obstacles, Edwige aspires to become a teacher July, 10 2024

Edwige is a 20-year-old student with vision loss. She has been in education since the age of four, but it has not been easy getting where she is today.

  • Togo

We want to live in security, peace and freedom: appeal by Jean, in North Kivu July, 9 2024

More than 2.7 million people have been displaced by the crisis in North Kivu. In the camps for displaced people near Goma, the needs are huge. Jean Bahati, 60, bears witness.

  • Democratic Republic of Congo

“Kharkiv is under recurrent bombing and people fear for their lives!” July, 8 2024

One month after the beginning of the new Russian offensive in the Kharkiv region, repeated shelling is taking its heavy toll on the population.

  • Ukraine

Ukraine : NGOs urge to protect civilians from bombing and shelling in populated areas July, 5 2024

Since the beginning of the year at least 860 civilians have been killed and 2 580 wounded in Ukraine in at least over 950 incidents involving the use of explosive weapons with wide area effect in populated areas.

  • Ukraine

Promote the health of indigenous communities in Venezuela June, 28 2024

Some communities in the state of Amazonas have experienced disruptions to their lifestyle, with negative effects on their health. Humanity & Inclusion is working alongside them to improve their access to healthcare.

  • Venezuela

Welcoming and managing emotions with the help of psychosoclal support June, 28 2024

In Venezuela, Humanity & Inclusion is providing psychosocial support to teachers and students with disabilities.

  • Venezuela

Good news June 2024 June, 25 2024

Good news from Humanity & Inclusion in June: rehabilitation in Somaliland and Togo, economic inclusion in Venezuela.

  • Venezuela
  • Togo
  • Somaliland

World Refugee Day: “We mustn’t forget the Rohingya!” June, 18 2024

Today, Cox’s Bazar is home to a million Rohingya refugees; 12% of these now stateless people are people with disabilities.

  • Bangladesh