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Corporate giving


Co-recipient of the 1997 Nobel Peace Prize, Humanity & Inclusion (formerly known as Handicap International) is an independent and impartial organization working in nearly 60 countries supporting people with disabilities and other vulnerable populations in situations of conflict, disaster, poverty, and exclusion. 

Potential Ways to Partner

We aim to create customized partnerships with companies that range from traditional sponsorship to creative employee engagement and fundraising campaigns. We believe that by exploring potential opportunities together, we can determine the right approach for each company’s goals and employee culture.


Mobilize your employees around the Humanité and Inclusion projects. Whether it is a connected challenge, a solidarity spinning or a profit operation, there is a range of possibilities to motivate your employees around projects that make sense,


Humanity & Inclusion organizes events throughout the year in partnership with companies. From the sporting and friendly event (tennis, vertical race) to the Humanity and Inclusion Awards night, from a participatory event (Mapathon) to the annual online auction, there are many sponsorship opportunities. Do not hesitate to contact us.

Projects to sponsor

Humanity & Inclusion operates on nearly 360 projects in more than 60 countries. Here in North America, we are mobilizing mainly for development projects and also propose to work on inclusion, demining and in resonance with the Canadian feminist poiltique.

Accessibility ramp leading to Kakuma refugee camp rehabilitation centre Accessibility ramp leading to Kakuma refugee camp rehabilitation centre Accessibility ramp leading to Kakuma refugee camp rehabilitation centre Accessibility ramp leading to Kakuma refugee camp rehabilitation centre


With the solidarity wage, participate in the financing - according to your possibilities - of a cause which you hold in heart of regular way. Each employee, on the basis of a voluntary contribution, can thus contribute to a project which is dear to him and to the company to which he belongs.

Matching donation

Make your brand shine with the general public while contributing (in a mastered way) to a project of Humanity & Inclusion in line with your CSR policy. Look no further, this is where it's going!

Skills sponsorship

Did you know that your employees can invest their time and skills in the service of a charity? By choosing the skills sponsorship, you will strengthen the commitment, loyalty and pride of belonging of your employees.


From one-time partnerships to co-branded products, from gift cards with commission reversion to point-of-sale to contactless payment terminals deployed at branded events, let's be bold and make a difference. Together !


We print prostheses in 3D, we participate in creative workshops (fab lab) and are in close relationship with the world of FinTech and startups to change the world. Join us !

We are pleased to partner with corporations in a myriad of ways, including direct monetary sponsorship, workplace giving campaigns, employee engagement programs, and combination strategies. Because of the way we build individual relationships and opportunities with companies, we are able to tailor partnerships to meet the goals of the corporation while increasing awareness and funds to support Humanity & Inclusion’s critical work on behalf of the most vulnerable. 

Partnership Benefits

Our goal in partnering with corporations is to ensure mutual benefit to Humanity & Inclusion and our corporate partners, while increasing financial support for our mission. We work one-on-one with our partners to determine the benefits that are most meaningful to them. Benefits are based on the value of the partnership and may include: 

  • Social and traditional media promotion
  • Features in online or print newsletters
  • Website recognition
  • Recognition in our annual report
  • Logo placement
  • Reporting on impact of partnership

To discuss corporate partnership opportunities, please contact Christophe Masson, at 514 908-2813, extension 226 / [email protected]

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