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Democratic Republic of Congo

HI works to promote the access of children with disabilities to school in the Democratic Republic of Congo. It also provides support to people affected by the chronic humanitarian crisis and to conflict victims.

Assessing living conditions in Democratic Republic of Congo - Humanity & Inclusion.

Assessing living conditions in Democratic Republic of Congo - Humanity & Inclusion. | © Till Mayer / Handicap International

Actions in process

In DRC, HI supports the inclusion of people with disabilities in society and the school enrolment of children with disabilities. The organisation also promotes the involvement of several Congolese disability rights organisations in community life. The organisation works to improve rehabilitation services by identifying and care-managing people with disabilities according to their individual needs.

HI is highly active in fields of mother and child health and road safety. The organisation also works in the field of inclusive education to improve the school enrolment of children with disabilities.

In North Kivu, HI provides support to the most vulnerable in areas affected by a chronic humanitarian crisis. The organisation also coordinates a logistics platform to facilitate the delivery of humanitarian aid to the most remote areas, in collaboration with other national and international organisations and the United Nations. In Kasai, HI is improving food security for the affected populations. The association also provides victims with rehabilitation care and psychological support.

Finally, the organisation sensitizes humanitarian organisations to the inclusion of the most vulnerable, so that they are taken into account in the services they provide.

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Situation of the country

Map of Humanity & Inclusion's interventions in DRC

In the Democratic Republic of Congo, access to quality health care is problematic for most of the country’s inhabitants.

The Congo, the second-largest country in Africa, is resource-rich. However, there is a very high level of inequality, and the social and economic situation remains concerning across most of the country.

For more than fifteen years now, the Democratic Republic of Congo has been destabilised by an alarming humanitarian crisis. In 2020, 25.6 million were affected, including 15 million children. This crisis is the result of a decades-long unstable local and regional security situation, mainly affecting the country’s eastern provinces. Over the years, multiple armed conflicts and intercommunity violence have left the population highly vulnerable. This has severely disrupted the transport of humanitarian aid.

The DRC is also regularly affected by epidemics (cholera, Ebola etc.), increased exposure to natural disasters and widespread poverty and insecurity. The Covid-19 crisis further undermined the health system. There have also been large population movements both within the country and towards neighbouring countries.

Number of HI staff members: 113

Date the programme opened: 1995

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