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HI works in Egypt to improve the daily lives of persons with disabilities and to champion their rights. HI has been implementing various programs to promote access to inclusive and adapted services for persons with disabilities and vulnerable groups.

Humanity & Inclusion - Egypt

Humanity & Inclusion - Egypt | © P-E. Hublet / Handicap International

Actions in process

The organisation works with local actors and service providers to improve access of children to early detection of disabilities among toddlers and to provide early intervention services. It intervenes among most vulnerable to identify children with disabilities and ensure their access to health and learning services.

HI supports the prevention of COVID-19 infections and mitigates its socio-economic impact on vulnerable population. To do so, HI provides vulnerable households with food and cash assistance and support their income generation activity’s recovery.

In Asyut governorate, HI intervention aims at strengthening the economic empowerment of households of persons with disabilities by providing support to their businesses and promoting economic inclusion.

The organisation also facilitates the access of Sudanese refugees to humanitarian assistance, health, mental health and rehabilitation services and distribute cash to the most vulnerable families.

Areas of intervention

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Situation of the country

Map of Humanity & Inclusion's interventions in Egypt

Persons with disabilities are overlooked in Egypt. Social and political systems in Egypt are rapidly evolving. Starting 2011 and Arab Springs, members of the Movement for the Rights of People with Disabilities, along with other stakeholders in Egyptian society, successfully campaigned for the establishment of the National Council on Disability Affairs. However, the Covid-19 pandemic has weakened the economic situation of the country delaying potential progress in the field of disability.

Over 300,000 refugees from Sudan have arrived in Egypt in 2023, according to the UNHCR. Most of them are women and children and female-headed households who require assistance.

Number of HI staff members: 32

Date the programme opened: 2013

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