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Madagascar is one of the world’s poorest countries. People with disabilities often live in extremely challenging circumstances.

Humanity & Inclusion Mobile Rehabilitation Team visits Anie, 12 years old

Humanity & Inclusion Mobile Rehabilitation Team visits Anie, 12 years old | © Nicolas Früh / Handicap International

Actions in process

HI has been working in Madagascar for more than 30 years. The organisation has set up orthopaedic-fitting centres and implemented several rehabilitation projects. It now facilitates access to care for people with disabilities, promotes their social inclusion and advances their rights.

We implement various projects and always place people with disabilities and vulnerable individuals at the centre of our activities. The organisation strives to develop an "education-training" continuum to promote equal opportunities for young people with disabilities to succeed throughout their educational and learning careers.

HI also implements a mother and infant health programme to reduce mother and newborn mortality and improve access to services. We also implement a community-based prevention and response strategy to improve the mental health of people in psychosocial distress and/or suffering from mental health disorders. Furthermore, in Madagascar, HI supports the care of people with epilepsy as well as their social and educational participation.

HI supports emergency humanitarian response and has helped people adapt their behaviour to the Covid-19 pandemic by strengthening preparation capacity and the economic and psychological resilience of affected people. HI also strengthens local preparation and response to climate-related hazards according to an integrated and inclusive multi-sectoral approach.

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Situation of the country

Map of Humanity & Inclusion's interventions in Madagascar

Despite the return of stability after a period of political turmoil, Madagascar remains one of the world’s poorest countries.

It is the fourth poorest country in the world in terms of wealth per capita, and today faces a situation of food insecurity due to climate change and prolonged drought.
The country elected a new president in 2018 and, despite numerous difficulties, is returning to constitutional rule. Most actors are clearly determined to make a fresh start.
Unemployment remains high, particularly among people with disabilities, who also suffer a high level of discrimination within their communities. They are marginalised and face serious obstacles to their economic and social inclusion. Mental disability is particularly taboo on the island.

Number of HI staff members: 163

Date programme opened: 1986

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