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Present in Pakistan since the 1980s, HI implemented development projects to address the needs of Afghan refugees until the late 1990s. HI then helped the population deal with a number of natural disasters (earthquakes, floods), focusing on mitigating the effects of such disasters on the most vulnerable groups of people. HI’s programme is directed towards refugees and displaced populations.

HI - Pakistanese children

Safe play areas for displaced, non-disabled and disabled children. They allow them to express themselves on the trauma they have experienced. | © L. Chancenotte / HI

Actions in process

In Pakistan, HI is addressing the needs of displaced people, Afghan refugees and the host communities.

HI is boosting the role of community-based rehabilitation and club-foot care services, and is supporting development policies and the commitment of authorities and stakeholders involved in rehabilitation etc.

HI is also providing emergency health responses in refugee camps, referring beneficiaries to specialist services and boosting the capacity of public-health facilities.

Areas of intervention

Help them

Situation of the country

Map of HI's interventions in Afghanistan Pakistan

Le Pakistan est de plus en plus souvent et régulièrement frappé par des catastrophes naturelles. D'autre part, la persistance des conflits dans les zones frontalières représente un défi sécuritaire qui porte préjudice aux populations locales.

Despite recent economic growth, Pakistan is still one of the worst performers in South Asia in terms of human development indicators. Pakistan is struggling with high inflation and is hit by economic crises. Areas along Pakistan’s borders have become more vulnerable since the Taliban took power in Afghanistan. International relations are also a persistent issue, particularly with regard to the neighbouring countries of India and Afghanistan, with which Pakistan has unresolved border disputes that result in military action.

The country has a long history of hosting refugees: approximately 1.4 million registered Afghan refugees reside in host communities in Pakistan. Recently, shortly after the Taliban took power in Afghanistan, a further 5,000 or so Afghan refugees entered Pakistan.

Pakistan is also regularly affected by natural disasters: in 2005, an earthquake displaced three million people; and in 2010, more than 20 million people were affected by severe flooding.

Despite the fact that Pakistan has signed the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, very little data is available to determine the extent of disability in Pakistan.

Number of HI staff: 30

Programme launch date: 1984

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