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One of HI's priorities in Peru is to help the most vulnerable people protect themselves from the country’s many natural disasters. HI has also provided support to Venezuelan refugees and their host communities for several years.

A humanitarian staff talks with a beneficiary

A humanitarian staff talks with a beneficiary | Save the children

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Peru is particularly vulnerable to natural disasters. HI implements projects to improve the protection and resilience of the most vulnerable people, including older people, people with disabilities, indigenous communities and women. HI promotes the inclusion of disabled people’s organisations in the development and implementation of adaptation and natural disaster risk response strategies. To achieve this, the organisation works with local and national actors and helps disseminate best practices.

In addition, HI assists Venezuelan refugees living in Peru as well as host communities. It improves access to services for refugees and implements activities such as distributing hygiene and food kits, referring people to protection services, and training humanitarian organisations to include the vulnerable people in their humanitarian activities. The organisation also identifies refugees with disabilities and provides them with physical rehabilitation sessions.

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Situation of the country

HI actions in Peru

Although Peru has seen strong economic growth, many people still live in poverty due to high levels of social and economic inequality.

Peru is an extremely heterogeneous country, with a varied geography and socio-economic inequalities. Until recently a low-income country, Peru is now a 'middle-income' country, thanks to strong economic growth over the last decade. However, many people still live in poverty, and there are huge disparities between regions.

Moreover, Peru is a country regularly affected by natural disasters (floods, earthquakes, landslides, etc.) due to its geographical location. Located on the Ring of Fire in the basin area of the Pacific Ocean, the country is subject to strong seismic activity and can experience earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. The country also experiences floods during the rainy season, and droughts.

For several years, Peru has welcomed a growing number of Venezuelan refugees on its territory, and the humanitarian needs of this population have grown as a consequence.

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Date programme opened: 2018

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