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HI's objective in Togo is to reduce inequalities to improve the living conditions of vulnerable people, in particular people with disabilities. The organisation aims to promote the development of an inclusive society.

Young boy cured of Buruli ulcer - HI Togo

Young boy cured of Buruli ulcer - HI Togo | © J-J. Bernard / Handicap International

Actions in process

HI implements a project with mothers and young babies in the maritime region to improve access to sexual and reproductive health services and associated rights. The approach developed by HI is inclusive and aims to take into account the most vulnerable groups including teenagers and women with disabilities.

In Togo, the school system does not sufficiently take into account the needs of children with disabilities. As a result, HI also implements a project to guarantee inclusive access to primary and secondary schools and to develop the vocational training of children and young people with disabilities. The organisation works to advance and strengthen the rights of people with disabilities with a focus on gender discrimination.

HI has launched a national project to increase assistance to people with mental health needs in the community.

In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, HI launched a health prevention and response project to assist people living on the streets of Lomé by identifying and care managing them and by providing them with health and psychosocial assistance.

Areas of intervention

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Situation of the country

Map of HI's interventions in Togo

Although rich in natural resources such as gold and phosphate, inequality and poverty in Togo remain extremely high, especially among people with disabilities, who face multiple obstacles.

Negative perceptions of disability mean that children with disabilities are often excluded from playing with other children and from school and adults with disabilities do not have equal access to services. HI is taking action to change this situation, in collaboration with its numerous governmental and non-governmental partners.

The country is likely to face a growing terrorist threat due to its porous borders with Burkina Faso, which has been prey to terrorist attacks since January 2015.

Number of HI staff members: 51

Date the programme opened: 1992

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