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Danièle Henkel supports Humanity and inclusion Canada

Driven by the causes of education, the place of young people and the awareness of the power of women, Danièle Henkel leads, collaborates and contributes to the growth of our society by investing her time, her expertise and her contacts to projects that are important to him. The spontaneous support that Danièle Henkel wished to bring to the women's tennis tournament of Humanité and Inclusion Canada, an international solidarity NGO, co-laureate of the Nobel Peace Prize and working alongside disabled people and vulnerable populations, testifies to this constantly renewed commitment, to improve living conditions and to promote respect for dignity and fundamental rights. The funds raised for this fundraising event - which is the first edition with a female component that Danièle Henkel is pleased to partner with - will be used directly to reduce violence related to weapons and demining of Humanity and Inclusion. Danièle Henkel is proud to support this great humanitarian cause.
Because yes, a tennis ball can repair lives! So, good game to all!