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Middle East:

Earthquakes claim lives, bring more instability to region


© Muhammed Said / ANADOLU AGENCY / AFP


Catastrophic earthquakes struck the Middle East on February 6, claiming thousands of innocent lives, damaging homes and infrastructure, and bringing more instability to a region already enduring crisis.


"We expect a huge need for rehabilitation. There are thousands of injured people, and many of these injuries may worsen or turn into permanent disabilities if they do not receive appropriate rehabilitation services. In addition, people have suffered significant trauma and will need psychosocial support." 

- Myriam Abord-Hugon, HI


Humanity & Inclusion has more than 330 staff in the region on standby to assess needs and launch a regional emergency response. Our teams work especially hard to support people injured, with disabilities, older people, and their families.


Our activities will include:

  • Emergency rehabilitation services for people with injuries and amputations. With reports of tens of thousands of people injured, we expect a huge need for emergency rehabilitation care to prevent injuries becoming permanent disabilities.  .

  • Psychological support for people traumatised by the disaster. Individual support sessions will be provided and a mobile team will be sent to the affected region.

  • Distributing mobility aids such as wheelchairs, crutches and walking frames to ensure the needs of injured, disabled and older people are met.

  • Ensuring vulnerable people are included. We will work with other organisations in the region to make sure that people with disabilities and older people are at the heart of the response.


© Muhammed Said / ANADOLU AGENCY / AFP


Any funds raised beyond the needs of our earthquakes emergency response will be used to support other vital programs around the world.


Thanks so much to our generous donors for supporting these actions!


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