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As the world turns the page on a summer marked by devastating climate change, Pakistan is ravaged by torrential rains. The monsoon has caused floods and landslides. It is the most important disaster ever known by the country: a third of the territory is under water.  


"We are seeing families who have lost absolutely everything and are living under water. Our priority goal is to meet the most urgent needs of the affected communities, including access to food and daily essentials like soap, cooking supplies and blankets." - Caroline Duconseille, HI Pakistan Country Manager


More than 1,000 people have already died, including more than 300 children. More than 30 million people are affected by the floods, without shelter, food and drinking water. The toll today is disastrous. It will be even more so tomorrow with the risk of epidemics, notably cholera and COVID.


We know you are generous and can count on you. We thank you with all our heart. 


All the teams of Humanity & Inclusion in Pakistan and around the world.