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Gala Media support Humanity & Inlcusion's missions



Gala Media is the proud initiator of the tennis tournament Humanité & Inclusion which is coming back (already!) In its 5th edition. Gala Media is historically recognized in the values ​​of humanity, inclusion, commitment and integrity brought by HI, co-winner of the Nobel Peace Prize. More than just a tennis tournament, the Humanity and Inclusion Cup that we co-present above all testifies to the audacity and determination we have to fight against injustices and to support the most vulnerable populations with the concept of players. collectors. Last year, this tournament raised more than $ 13,000, including the purchase of 102 emergency wheelchairs for victims of mines, conflicts or natural disasters, as well as 7500 mine clearance. m2 of land. Just like Gala Media, which develops adapted, pragmatic and innovative solutions, HI strives to act with respect, kindness and humility. So yes, a bullet can repair lives and you too support the Humanity & Inclusion Cup with us and HI Canada.