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Aid agencies call for upholding international humanitarian law, protection of civilians and civilian objects in Ukraine

Explosive weapons

Heavily populated areas in Ukraine—including in Dnipro, Kyiv, Lviv and Ternopil—came under attack on Monday from explosive weapons with wide-area effects, killing at least 11 civilians and injuring another 89.

Infrastructure in Ukraine destroyed

Infrastructure in Ukraine destroyed | © T.Mayer / HI

Several civilian objects were destroyed, including a playground, a pedestrian bridge and several homes. The damage done to critical civilian infrastructure also led to power outages and disruptions to water, electricity and communication supplies, at a time when civilians are preparing for winter.

The attacks come amid a pattern of escalation across the country, which forced several aid agencies to suspend operations over safety concerns for their staff and populations in need of support, until it is safe to resume.

Aid agencies in Ukraine call for respecting obligations under international humanitarian law and international human rights law and for the protection of civilians and civilian objects from ongoing hostilities.



  1. Action contre la Faim
  2. Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund
  3. CAFOD
  4. Caritas Ukraine
  5. Corus International
  6. Christian Aid
  7. Danish Refugee Council
  8. Doctors of the World
  9. FHI 360
  10. Finn Church Aid
  11. Humanity & Inclusion
  12. HelpAge International
  13. Institute of Psychosomatics and Trauma Healing
  14. International Medical Corps
  15. International Rescue Committee
  17. Medical Teams International
  18. Mercy Corps
  19. Network 100 percent life Rivne
  20. PAX
  21. People in Need
  22. Plan International
  23. Première Urgence Internationale (PUI)
  24. Save the Children
  25. Solidarités International
  26. Stabilization Support Services
  27. Terre des hommes
  28. War Child
  29. World Vision

Reprisal attacks targeting civilians, civilian objects and buildings used for the protection of civilian populations are always prohibited under the laws of war.

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Explosive weapons

HI cleans up sulfur used to produce explosive devices

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Emergency Explosive weapons Health Rehabilitation Rights

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Chue Por, injured by a cluster munition at the age of 17
© Natalia Lozano / HI
Explosive weapons

Chue Por, injured by a cluster munition at the age of 17

Chue Por is the survivor of a cluster munition in which he lost his arm. With the support of HI, he has regained his mobility.