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Erico starts school


Erico is 8 years old and lives in Daraina, Madagascar. Born with an intellectual impairment, he used to find it hard to go to school and spent most of his time working in his grandmother’s store. With help from Handicap International, he has now started his first term at school.

Erico and his grandmother | ©Handicap International

Erico lost both parents shortly after his first birthday and he now lives with his grandmother. “Erico has always had learning difficulties and finds it hard to memorise certain things,” she says. “I think it’s maybe because he lost his parents so early.” 

Before starting school, he used to help his grandmother in her grocery store: “Every day I did the cooking, brought out the goods, fetched the water, let out the chickens, washed the pans and cleaned the house.”

With help from Handicap International’s inclusive education programme and refresher courses for children who drop out of or do not attend school, Erico started school for the first time in the 2016 autumn term. He’s very proud of the fact and likes school because he’s learning to write. His dream is to be a driver one day. 

His grandmother has even noticed a change in his behaviour. “Since he’s been going to school I’ve noticed that his memory has improved. In fact, he’s someone who tends to let things slip his mind. He forgets easily. Before, I never dared let him give customers their change, but recently he’s been able to do that, for some sums.”

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In Mali, HI helps poor households to meet their own needs

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© partenaire HI
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© A.Thapa / HI
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