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Humanity & Inclusion is an international solidarity NGO since 1982

For 40 years, Humanity & Inclusion (HI) has been has been responding to humanitarian emergencies, helping to reduce armed violence and fighting to improve the living conditions of disabled and vulnerable people in the most remote or dangerous places in the world. We are working tirelessly to ensure that they are never left behind.


60 countries


466 projects


14,436,037 beneficiaries



Global Day of Action on May 2: Stop all arms transfer

Global Day of Action on May 2: Stop all arms transfer May, 3 2024

HI, as part of the Ceasefire Now coalition, is taking part in a day of action calling for a halt to all arms transfers and an immediate ceasefire in Gaza.

Occupied Palestinian Territories

States must reaffirm their commitment to the Mine Ban Treaty May, 3 2024

The Mine Action Conference will take place in Cambodia on November 25-29, 2024. After 15 years of decline, their use and the number of victims are increasing...


The international agreement on bombing in populated areas is finalised June, 21 2022

States have agreed on a final version of an international agreement on explosive weapons in populated areas.


“We need double the amount of supplies” April, 12 2024

Wala provides nursing care to people in their homes and in the shelters. She talks to us about her life, her work and the situation in Gaza.

Occupied Palestinian Territories

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Protecting civilian victims of explosive weapons must be a priority for our government!