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Global Day of Action on May 2: Stop all arms transfer

Emergency Explosive weapons
Occupied Palestinian Territories

HI, as part of the Ceasefire Now coalition, is taking part in a day of action calling for a halt to all arms transfers and an immediate ceasefire in Gaza.

Destruction in Khan Younes

Destruction in Khan Younes | © HI

Since 7 October and the escalation of violence between Israel and Hamas, some 33.000 Palestinians have been killed and 75.000 injured in the incessant bombing of Gaza by Israeli forces. This deadly offensive comes in the wake of a massive attack launched on Israel by Hamas, in which 1,200 Israelis lost their lives and 240 Israelis and foreign nationals were taken hostage.

A campaign to stop arms transfer

Faced with the humanitarian disaster in Gaza, the Ceasefire Now coalition, in collaboration with numerous NGOs including HI, is organizing a global day of action on May 2.

The event consists of a series of messages and visuals to be broadcast on social networks, calling on states to stop arms transfers to Israel and Palestinian armed groups, and highlighting the devastating impact of their use on the civilian population.

A rally around a giant dummy gun with a knotted barrel will also take place on May 2 at 9 a.m. in front of the Eiffel Tower. Several NGO spokespersons will be on hand to answer questions from invited journalists.

The ravages of explosive weapons

The escalation of violence in Gaza has reached an unprecedented level of severity. Israeli bombardments have deprived Gazans of vital goods and services: the violence has damaged or destroyed around 62% of all homes in Gaza. 84% of health facilities have been destroyed or damaged. The level of destruction is such that the territory has become almost uninhabitable.

Countries targeted by the campaign

This campaign is aimed primarily at the following countries, among Israel's leading arms suppliers:

The United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, Denmark, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain and Australia, which are major arms exporters to Israel, particularly the USA and Germany.

"Without a halt to arms transfers, the bombardment of populated areas will never cease. The escalation of violence in Gaza since October 7 is fuelled by the proliferation of weapons, and may be a form of complicity in violations of international law. This Global Day of Action on May 2 is a crucial step towards ending the devastating humanitarian crisis in Gaza."

Florence Daunis, Director, International Operations

The objectives of this global day of action

Raising awareness: the event aims to sensitize the global community to the devastating impact of arms transfers on human rights, particularly in the Gaza Strip. Civilians suffer the violence and devastating consequences of arms proliferation.

Advocate policy change: campaign participants call on governments around the world, particularly those identified as major exporters of arms to Israel, to end arms transfers..

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All the children are out of school
© HI

All the children are out of school

All the schools in Gaza are closed because of the violence, so what is happening to the children who are now out of school?

States must reaffirm their commitment to the Mine Ban Treaty
© M.Feltner / HI
Explosive weapons Rights

States must reaffirm their commitment to the Mine Ban Treaty

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No safe place in Gaza: Khan Younis is uninhabitable
© HI
Emergency Explosive weapons

No safe place in Gaza: Khan Younis is uninhabitable

As the war in Gaza enters its seventh month, Humanity & Inclusion expresses grave concern for the safety of thousands of families that might be forcibly displaced from Rafah to Khan Younis and other areas across the Strip.