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The Ceasefire is being respected

Emergency Rehabilitation
Occupied Palestinian Territories

Four days after the announcement of a ceasefire in Gaza (Palestinian territories) and Israel, Humanity & Inclusion (HI) present in Gaza distributes assistive devices, hygiene kits and supports reconstruction initiatives. 

HI employees provide mobility aids and rehabilitation sessions to an injured man in Gaza, 2018

HI employees provide mobility aids and rehabilitation sessions to an injured man in Gaza, 2018 | © Hardy Skills / HI - Archive

At this time, it appears the ceasefire is being respected by both sides of the conflict”, says Laurent Palustran, HI country manager for the Palestinians territories. 

After 11 days of violence resulted in 254 deaths and over 2 600 injuries[1] reported by the United Nations, HI’s office officially reopened yesterday. The 58 UNWRA schools that had previously sheltered over 77,000 internally displaced persons are slowly emptying as people return to their homes and reunite with family. 

However, many are still left without homes, as 1042 housing and commercial units were destroyed, with another 769 severely damaged. 

There is an enormous need for reconstruction right now,” says Laurent. “HI has experience in building homes and adapting them for people with disabilities, so we’re preparing to provide reconstruction support.

Assess the needs

Otherwise, HI teams have continued to assess the needs of the affected population, identifying at least 1045 vulnerable people as being in need of materials or assistive devices such as walkers, wheelchairs, crutches, canes and adapted toilets. HI has already begun distribution of such materials over the past few days. Given the difficulty of the situation, wherein thousands have lost all belongings and essentials, HI has also distributed hygiene kits of basic needs such as soap, detergent and disinfectant. Teams are preparing to replenish the materials to meet further need. 

School closures

Following school closure due to the COVID-19 pandemic and damage to 54 education centers from conflict violence, schools will remain closed for the rest of the academic year. HI has expressed concern for the significant gap in schooling this presents, and plans to focus on providing access to education and inclusion in the coming years for local children, notably those with disabilities. 

Damage to infrastructure related to water, sanitation and electricity has left the population with limited access to essentials such as power and drinking water. Priority repairs have improved these operations over the past few days, but key power and desalination plants are still only operating at partial capacity. 

With the ceasefire in place,” says Laurent, we can take the first steps towards healing.” 

[1] Escalation in the Gaza Strip, the West Bank and Israel | Flash Update. (2021, mai 24). United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs - Occupied Palestinian Territory. https://www.ochaopt.org/content/escalation-gaza-strip-west-bank-and-israel-flash-update-12-covering-1200-21-may-1200-23-may

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Global Day of Action on May 2: Stop all arms transfer
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Emergency Explosive weapons

Global Day of Action on May 2: Stop all arms transfer

HI, as part of the Ceasefire Now coalition, is taking part in a day of action calling for a halt to all arms transfers and an immediate ceasefire in Gaza.

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